• Investors register to ‘lock in’ their yield at today’s Buy rate
  • Originators enquire, register and Sell their invoices/ETR


Originator Registration Instructions

Any organisation seeking to sell its invoices on the Exchange must follow these instructions carefully. These 5 steps must be completed before you can become a Member of the Exchange and begin trading:

  • Step-1  Contact us, or submit an online application now

  • Step-2  Receive a Provisional RSA Offer

  • Step-3  You Confirm & accept the RSA Offer

  • Step-4  Submit your application & await authorisation

  • Step-5  Begin Trading

Originator Registration Instructions

To protect Investor and investment intermediaries confidentiality and Originator integrity, all of the following information will only be provided to Investors and investment intermediaries after they are Registered on the Exchange:

  • Manual, partially automated or completely automated trading
  • Bid, Buy, Rating, Category, Debtor & Originator settings
  • Monthly, credit, risk, purchase & discount stops
  • Highly flexible, detailed and/or granular trading
  • Yields estimated at multiples of ‘standard CP’ returns

Originator Enquiry
What is an Originator?

Investor Registration
What is an Investor?

Step-1   Contact Us

Whether you submit your enquiry online, call us on +353 1 799-5499, email us, or ask for a call back. The initial information we need is straightforward (see the enquiry form for further details)

Step-2   Provisional RSA Offer

From the information you provide in your initial enquiry, we will issue a Provisional RSA Approval Notice. This is a single document that will clearly indicate the total working capital that Credebt Exchange will provide and our terms of business

Step-3   RSA Confirmation

The Provisional RSA Approval Notice is issued by email and once you confirm your acceptance, you are invited to register

Step-4   Submit Application

Once your registration is approved, you will enter your organisation details and your Debtor details provided in your original application so that they can be individually approved

Step-5   Begin Trading

Within 24-72 hours each Debtor is verified and once approved, you can sell invoices/ETR to these Debtors on the same day. Each Traded ETR (i.e. each ETR that is sold) is paid for using the trading industry standard of Tomorrow or the Next Day [TomNext]