How to get 5-10% Extended Credit

The simplest benefit of supporting Credebt Exchange, and permitting your suppliers to trade their invoices to you, is that you could request a 5-10% increase in the credit terms they offer you.

  • Simply permit your suppliers to use the Exchange as a demonstration of socially responsible ‘goodwill’
  • Agree to make the one-time change in your AP system in exchange for an extension in their credit terms to you
  • Alternatively, we will recommend your desired credit terms extension when making the Originator an Exchange Member
  • Or we can contact your suppliers (with t/o <15M) and offer them Exchange Membership in return for extended credit
  • Work with Credebt Exchange to promote this to your suppliers

Entering invoices into your AP system continues and is unchanged. Paying/’spooling’ accounts should remain unaffected. Permitting a supplier to use the Exchange should not adversely affect current relations.

Becoming an Investor on Credebt Exchange

As a large organisation, your current yield on cash reserves can be increased substantially to 4%+ per annum, by becoming an Investor on the Exchange. Consider the following before applying:

  • On the clear understanding that institutional Investors may Bid better terms; you can
  • Buy your own invoices at ‘zero-risk’ and achieve a yield of circa 4%+ per annum
  • Buying your own invoices, extinguishes liability at the agreed Traded Invoice discount

Choosing to Trade the Exchange may not be suitable for all Investors. All Investors, regardless of circumstance, must agree to all Terms & Conditions of Trade. For more details, Contact us.