Investor Registration & Membership Application Instructions

There are 5 steps that must be followed before you can become a Member of the Exchange and begin trading:

To protect Trader integrity and Investor confidentiality, all of the following information will only be provided to Investors after they are Registered on the Exchange:

  • Yields, stops, credit & watch lists
  • Risk, returns, coupons & recourse
  • Terms, conditions, models & performance

You must complete Step-1 & Step-2 below, to access this information

Investor Registration

Important Instructions:- Read Each Step Carefully & Complete Each Step, Before Moving to the Next Step

Step-1 Complete the User Registration form
         Begin User Registration  

This is a simple form where you enter your name, organisation name and other basic information

Important Note:- You cannot login to the Exchange without a Digi-Access™ certificate. Any attempt to do so will result in an error message. Until you are issued with this Digi-Access™ certificate you will not be able to proceed any further (i.e. the links to Step-2 – Step-5 will not work)

Step-2 Login to the Exchange
         Login Now  

After your identity is verified and your organisation’s basic information is checked (this can take 1-2 business days), you will receive an email that activates your Digi-Access™ certificate. This email will also invite you to login to the Exchange

Step-3 Complete the Membership Application form
         Complete Membership Application   This is a form where you enter further details about people in your organisation and other legal and financial information. This information is confidential and only accessible by Credebt Exchange executive management. As all information is only accessible using Digi-Access™ two factor authentication, it is highly secure and protected
Step-4 Sign the Trader Contract
         Sign the Investor Contract   This is the legal contract between Credebt Exchange Limited and your organisation, acting as a Investor on the Exchange. The contract is digitally signed using the Digi-Access™ certificate and Digi-Seal™. This digitally signed contract has the same legal status as a signed paper contract and is legally binding
Step-5 Begin Trading
         Enter the Trading Floor  

After your Membership Application is approved (this can take up to 28 business days), you will receive an email confirming your trading account has been activated. You can now begin trading