Your suppliers with a turnover of less than 15M, require access to the alternative Working Capital offered by Credebt Exchange®. You can benefit by supporting them.

  • Credebt Exchange® is a gateway to the financial markets and low cost capital
  • Interviews with some of your suppliers show: 1 in 5 want to use the Exchange
  • Permitting your suppliers to sell their invoices (to you), should not affect you
  • And should have little/no effect on your Accounts Payable [AP] processes
  • In return for your support, you could ask for a 5-10% credit terms increase
  • Credebt Exchange® can work with you and promote this to your suppliers
  • Become an Investor, buy your own invoices and yield 2-4% on cash reserves

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No Names   No Exchange Member can view invoice details, compare product prices, or connect a debtor to an Originator
Highly Protected   Access to the Exchange Traded Floor is protected using military grade, two factor authenticated access
New Branch   When paying the Originator invoice, you pay the Exchange using a new branch in your Accounts Payable [AP] system
Maintain Control   A supplier is unlikely to trade all your invoices. Permitting them to use the Exchange should not affect relations
Extended Credit   By supporting your suppliers, it is reasonable to request a 5-10% increase in their credit terms to you
Become an Investor   Become an Investor, buy your own invoices at ‘zero-risk’ and get a 4%+ yield per annum