Reputable originators of any size can become a Member of Credebt Exchange. There are 5 steps that must be followed. Start by completing the Originator Enquiry form.

  • Step-1   submit your enquiry online , email us, or call us on 01 799-5499
  • Step-2  from your enquiry, we will issue a Provisional RSA Offer
  • Step-3  if you accept the Provisional RSA Offer, you then register online
  • Step-4  enter your Debtor details from the original enquiry
  • Step-5  once authorised, you can begin trading

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Become an Originator
Read the Originators Fact Sheet

Important Instructions:- Read Each Step Carefully & Complete Each Step, Before Moving to the Next Step

Step-1 Complete the Originator Enquiry form
         Originator Enquiry Form  

However you decide to make you initial contact with us, the process begins with the enquiry form. If you would like to speak to someone before submitting this, you can submit a request for someone to call you back using the contact form, you can email us or you can simply call us on 01 799-5499

Step-2 Complete the User Registration form

From the details in your enquiry, we will issue a Provisional RSA Approval Notice

Step-3 Login to the Exchange

If you accept and confirm the Provisional RSA Offer, you will then be invited to register as a User on the Exchange

Step-4 Complete the Membership Application form
      Once registered and authorised as a User, you will enter your Debtor details and other information so that the list of Debtors in your original enquiry can be individually approved
Step-5 Begin Trading

After your Membership Application is approved, all your Debtors are entered, authorised and approved, you can begin trading and Sell your invoices/ETR as you require