Credebt Exchange® provides Low Cost Capital to reputable organisations [Originators] that sell their invoices/ETR on the Exchange. Membership enables Originators to:

… and because the RSA trade terms are agreed in advance, they:

  • Login to the Exchange and sell their invoices as often as required
  • Receive the Purchase Price payment TomNext; and
  • In the Revolving Market, their capital requirement is constantly renewing

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Notice to all Originators Read the Originators Fact Sheet
Application Process
Working Capital Requirement  

Your working capital requirement is the amount of cash you require on an ongoing basis to operate and grow your business while waiting for your debtors to pay you. If you require EUR 0.5m and your debtors pay you in 90-days, then your total working capital requirement is EUR 2.0m

Choosing your debtors  

As the Originator and issuer of invoices, look at the combined annual value of debtors that meet the total working capital you require

RSA Trading  

You then sell these invoices on a revolving/recurring basis to access your working capital requirement. Credebt Exchange® will purchase these invoices/ETR as an RSA trade

Initial Preparation
Contact Us  

Submit    your    enquiry   online,   call  us  on 01 799-5499 or email us. The initial information you supply is straightforward (see the enquiry form for further details)

Provisional Offer  

From the information you provide in your initial enquiry, we will issue a Provisional RSA Approval Notice and indicate the total working capital that Credebt Exchange® will provide

Register & Apply  

The registration and application forms are all online and it takes less than half an hour to complete the entire process

debtor Details  

Once your registration and application are approved, you will upload all your debtors’ details prior to trading

Ongoing Trading
Invoice Details  

Using the online trading system you upload a copy of each invoice, the Face Value and the Expected Date (i.e. when it will be Settled/paid in full)

Expected Date  

The Expected Date can be any date that is less than 180-days and should be a ‘good indication’ of when payment is most likely to occur

Payment Transfer  

Each Traded ETR (i.e. each invoice/ETR that is sold) is paid using the trading industry standard of Tomorrow or the Next Day [TomNext]

Online Statements   Instant access, live online statements ensure you have detailed information available on all your invoices/ETR, debtor and Reserve payments at all times