• Registered Investors ‘lock in’ their yield, fixed at today’s Buy rate
  • Retail Investors Buy Revolving ETR, with ETR Repurchase

Any ETR that is not Settled (i.e. paid in full) within 90-days of the Expected Date can result in ETR Repurchase. ETR Repurchase provides a non-risk Buy for Investors.

  • Investment quality organisations rarely ever default
  • To reduce any such risk, Credebt Exchange® has credit insurance from AIG
  • By default, all Retail Investors’ Buy price allows for ETR Repurchase
  • Retail Investors must be advised by an appointed Intermediary
  • Investment quality is Investment Grade [IG] and other AIG insured ETR
  • Retail Investors Buy rate automatically trades investment quality ETR only
  • All Intermediary Investors must sign (& are bound by) the Master Agreement

Investor Registration

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